Hear birdsong on the banks of the Medlock

Open space, sky, trees, the natural meander of the Medlock and increased biodiversity; Manchester has a new green heart in Mayfield. Spanning 6.5-acres, Mayfield Park’s sequence of spaces will invite you on a journey of discovery, from informal, through to more natural and wild: an urban square with a buzz of activities; open greens for lawn sport and informal play; adventure play areas; floodable meadows and biodiverse ecological areas beside the river; quieter spaces for escape and contemplation. Sheltered structures and areas will make sure it’s a park for all weathers – and seasons.

Lose yourself for a while

Level changes, open green spaces and a network of intriguing walking, running and cycling routes let you get closer to nature and keep exploring and experiencing the park differently.

Chill out by the river

Generously proportioned south-facing seating steps lead down to the river for somewhere to sit, pause and meet up. A nearby rock weir in the river adds the calming sight and sound of flowing water.

Tread bridges, boardwalk and stepping stones

A range of features that respond to the level changes such as stepped terraces, projecting platforms and sculpted earth, will help you get deeper into the variety of environments along the river.

Chance encounters and in-between spaces

Another 6.5 acres of Mayfield will be given over to new public space featuring old architectural railway furniture, and flexible spaces for cultural events and curated local experiences. Predominantly pedestrian, and with plenty of street planting, this will act as an extension of the park, pulling green and engaging hard landscapes through the commercial and residential areas.

A loved, cared for and safe city centre sanctuary

Mayfield Park is the heart of this new urban neighbourhood and people’s wellbeing is a top priority. To keep the park clean, well maintained, curated, impressive and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it will be a privately managed estate under single private ownership.