to fall in love

The new 6.5-acre Mayfield Park will be Manchester city centre’s first public park. A liberating urban escape for all, it will be somewhere to walk, run, play, meet, picnic and paddle along the banks of River Medlock.

to grow and never stop growing

Manchester’s strength has always been its people. Talent is born here - and drawn here. Manchester’s people have powered it to be a place bristling with enterprise, creativity, innovation, potential and an insatiable curiosity, industry and appetite for life.

To be next door to everywhere



To Manchester Piccadilly Train Station on foot



Walk from Manchester City Centre



To London in 2033 when HS2 arrives.

From Mayfield, you’re just a few minutes’ walk from the commuter and intercity trains at Piccadilly Station next door, as well as the 13-minute service to Manchester International Airport, home to more destinations than any other UK airport.

To find wonder

Exceptional design which respects and restores Mayfield’s assets will create a world-class urban neighbourhood rich in heritage, distinct in character, authentic in spirit and progressive by nature.

To take on the world

Looking out over Europe’s best city for business competitiveness, Mayfield’s 154,800 sqm of space - including small, flexible options for independent start-ups – will have a curated mix of world-class tenants to attract and retain the best local and international talent.

To lose yourself
for a weekend

A diverse array of shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars housed in repurposed and reimagined existing architecture will establish Mayfield as an intriguing retail and leisure experience.

To belong

Close to the city centre, and with the kind of quality green space you just don’t get anywhere else, Mayfield’s 1400 new homes will be the sort of neighbourhood you can’t help but settle in to and be part of.

Mayfield's happening