Fast forward ten years and Mayfield will be a different world

But it will definitely and defiantly be Mayfield. The 24-acre site is full of uniquely Mancunian industrial character. So we’ll be making sure its rich heritage, distinctive personality and architectural quirks remain at the heart of our plans.

Exactly what we’re going to build and how it’s all going to look is up for discussion and will be shaped by scores of different conversations we’re having with the people of Manchester. Mayfield is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we’re determined to make it a world-class urban neighbourhood for everyone who will live, work and visit the area.

Mayfield’s industrial heritage is one of its greatest assets

The site’s history will guide our approach to its future. The former Mayfield station, the cavernous depot and the imposing redbrick, railway arches will remain centre stage, but we’ll be using them in new and imaginative ways, whilst the public park will provide a safe, green place in the heart of the city.

Forgotten no longer, Mayfield is about to become a remarkable part of the city - a place that celebrates its past and marches into the future with a swagger.