To Manchester Piccadilly Train Station on foot



To Manchester City Centre on foot



To London in 2033 when HS2 arrives.

Get here from anywhere

Mayfield is Manchester’s missing piece. A central neighbourhood that stitches other central communities together, it’s adjacent to world-class transport links that will liberate new possibilities for people who live and work in the city, as well as for visitors from near and far to come and go with ease, whether for an hour, a day, a weekend or longer.


Commuting's a walk in the park

Mayfield will be easy to get to from anywhere in and around the city. It will have its own tram station linking it to Metrolink’s other 93 stops, with further network expansion planned. There’s excellent car access via the adjacent inner ring road. Mayfield will be fully connected to Manchester’s extensive bus network. The city’s new ‘Beelines’ network will be the largest joined-up system of walking and cycling routes in the UK, providing easier ways to get in and out of Manchester on bike. There will be new pedestrian links to the city centre and station. And then there’s the park. Nowhere else in Manchester gives you the chance to start or end the day with the hit of nature a walk in a riverside park gives you.

Stroll in the from the stations next door

Piccadilly Station already provides outstanding access to the communities throughout Greater Manchester, as well as the Northern Powerhouse cities and London, but it’s set to improve dramatically. Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) will transform connectivity between the key economic centres of the North, promising radical changes in service patterns and target journey times. On top of that, there will be the high-speed services from the new HS2 station planned for completion next to Piccadilly by the year 2033.

A short walk to your high-speed train

Current journey time to/from London by train is a pretty swift 2hrs 08minutes. By 2033, it will be an hour faster by HS2. Manchester is expected to benefit significantly from HS2, with Mayfield particularly well placed to benefit from its positive economic impact. HS2 also includes faster services to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester Airport.

13 minutes from anywhere on Earth

Via Piccadilly, Mayfield is a short train journey to and from Manchester Airport, the UK’s global gateway in the North. With 210 destinations, it has more than any other UK airport and, with a current £1bn investment programme, its global profile is set to grow further.