Mayfield & Co launched



A community of three Manchester micro-businesses have come together to form the very first Mayfield & Co line up – the city’s newest co-working community.

The eclectic range of businesses, are housed within the Gatehouse building on Baring street which is also home to the U+I’s Manchester office.

The threeMayfield & Co tenants are:

Commonplace– A mobile event space operating out of a double decker bus

Bottle and Candle – manufacturer of candles and reed diffusers for retail

Project Windsor – designer and retailer of high quality 100% Cotton bed sheets and home textiles

Mayfield & Co was established to create a collaborative community of like-minded people, organisations and businesses, innovating, inventing, sharing ideas and creating a springboard for business success.

James Heather, Development Director at U+I said: “The businesses of Mayfield & Co bring a different dimension and vibrancy to the site which has been missing for decades. The site is steeped in the history of the entrepreneurial spirit and it is wonderful to have some of that essence back.

“The businesses are very different but complement each other. The whole purpose of co-working is to create a melting pot where new ideas can take root and new directions emerge and thrive. ”

Roxanna Locke from Commonplace, said: “We are thrilled to be part of Mayfield & Co. We have partnership working in our DNA so the co-working environment suits us down to the ground.

“We’ve been on the lookout for a city centre base for some time and we jumped at the chance of being part of the new Mayfield. These are really exciting times.”

Phillip Schikora from Project Windsor said: “The histories of cotton and Manchester are completely interwoven and there is a really nice symmetry in us bringing a textile business back to Mayfield for the first time in over a century. For over 200 years the Hoyle business made some of the best cloth in the world on this very spot, bringing great esteem and pride to the city.

“Of course, the world is a very different place now and we no longer manufacture such a high-end product in the UK. However, Manchester and in particular the Hoyle and Co/Mayfield site will be the heartbeat of our business from product development, to design; marketing to delivery.”

Thomas Los from Candle & Co added: “Co-working brings a distinctive buzz and energy as part of the bargain. Creativity breeds creativity and we very much look forward to seeing what opportunities present themselves between the group.

“You can’t help but be inspired by Mayfield, it’s a remarkable place to visit and work in.”

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