Manchester school children design play equipment for Mayfield garden



Mayfield playground designed by children, for children

This spring, our friends at Standard Practice have been working with local children across 12 workshops held at Medlock Primary School and Mayfield to design their very own playground. The workshops, which taught the kids (and accompanying adults) all about creativity and urban planning resulted in a modern design which was revealed on Wednesday 12th June.

In total, 124 school-age children took part in the workshops and helped bring to bring the playground to life. Dubbed May Play, the playground is the perfect combination between Mayfield and playing, whilst also reflecting their new-found connection to the area.

Jess Higham, Creative Project Manager at Standard Practice, comments: “Playfield has been a fascinating project for us from start to finish. It’s easy for us to say cities are for everyone but then to assume the needs of many, including children – this project has allowed us to sit down with the users of the final playground and ask them directly, ‘What do you want to see here at Mayfield?’ The final prototype truly reflects their imagination and ambition, and we hope this whole experience has helped them feel part of their city and an essential factor in the Mayfield story.”

See the playground for yourself here:

2 C6 A2992

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