Temperance [tem-per-uh ns, tem-pruh ns] n.

1. Moderation or self-restraint
2. Abstinence from alcoholic liquors

The red brick railway arches of Temperance Street begin their half mile journey toward the city centre, in Ardwick at Chancellor Lane.

The dozens of archways stretch to Fairfield Street, straddling the Mancunian Way and the River Medlock in the process. They are home to a range of businesses, industriously going about their tasks amid the urban debris, graffiti and determined buddleia seedlings.

Also putting down roots in the archways is a cluster of the city’s finest craft-breweries – many of which you can sample at the Grub Food Fair.

With front doors on Temperance’s parallel, North Western Street, no fewer than five breweries operate cheek and jowl with the car washes and MOT stations.

Chorlton Brewing Co make contemporary beer inspired by Germanic brewing traditions while Beer Nouveau take their inspiration from the past and create a happy marriage with currently available ingredients.

Manchester Brewing Co is described as being the result of two friends . . . chatting beer . . . and drinking beer . . . and chatting beer . . . ad infinitum . . .. Their eight barrel operation produces a range of ales from Pales to a pick me up Coffee Porter.

Next up is the Edinburgh born but Manchester adopted, Carbon Smith. Self-consciously experimental, these guys are on ‘the eternal search for the perfect recipe’.

Finally, Alphabet Brewing Co at archway 99, brew modern beer with high-definition flavour and aroma.

There is so much more to explore in the city’s very healthy craft beer scene. We hope we have whetted your appetite to try a few of your local producers’ brews.

Know somebody we’ve missed? Do let us know and we’ll happily pop along for a sample.