An eye-catching and dramatic piece of art is being installed at the historic Mayfield site in Manchester.

Created in 2012 by acclaimed Czech artist Michal Trpak, Slight Uncertainty, features 16 sculpted  polyester ‘umbrella people’ of different sizes, who are being suspended  over the recently-opened street food market and community garden at Mayfield.

‘Slight Uncertainty’ is owned by U+I, the regeneration and property company and part of the Mayfield Development Partnership, which is leading the revival of the historic 24-acre site next to Manchester Piccadilly Station.

The sculpture attracted huge media interest in 2015 when it was placed in London’s Leicester Square in an installation called ‘Swept Away’.  For the last 18 months it has been displayed in the atrium at U+I’s headquarters in the capital.

Artist, Michal Trpak said:  “I call the sculpture pieces ‘Slight Uncertainty’, Slight because of seeming lightness of flying but Uncertainty because of unsure landing and unknown length of the flight.”

James Heather, Development Director at Mayfield for U+I said: “We hope Slight Uncertainty will attract, delight, excite and intrigue the people of Manchester as we continue to re-establish Mayfield as an important and attractive destination.”

Given Manchester’s reputation for rain, I can think of few better places for these stunning umbrella people to find their temporary home.”

The Mayfield Partnership – a joint venture between Manchester City Council, LCR, Transport for Greater Manchester and U+I – is bringing forward plans to transform the area into a thriving mixed-use community.

Its long-term plan for Mayfield is to invest around £850m over the next 10 years in creating new commercial, residential and leisure facilities alongside the iconic heritage assets at the site.

The wider Mayfield regeneration vision will potentially provide 1,300 homes, 75,000 sq m of office space, a 350-bedroom hotel, retail and leisure facilities and a new city park, creating over 7,500 office, retail, leisure and construction jobs.


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