Tour dates: 

Friday 22nd June, 6pm

Sunday 1st July, 3pm

Sunday 8th July, 3pm

Sunday 15th July, 3pm

Sunday 22nd July, 3pm

Sunday 29th July, 3pm

Sunday 19th August, 3pm

Sunday 26th August 3pm

Sunday 2nd September, 3pm

Sunday 9th September, 3pm

ABANDONED for years Mayfield depot is now poised for redevelopment as U+I and the Mayfield Partnership transform 24 acres of central Manchester into one of the most exciting urban areas in the kingdom.

U+I has teamed up with well-known tour guide and author, Jonathan Schofield, to give Mancunians and visitors a rare opportunity to view this extraordinary location.

The tours include a visit into one of the great jaw-dropping interiors in the north of England, Mayfield Station Depot. This is epic civil engineering from 1910 where mighty iron columns stretch into the distance. It’s almost as though a scene from a fantasy or sci-fi movie has come to rest in the city. It never fails to astonish those who enter. Each tour will also take a trip up the huge brick causeway to the lofty platforms of the former station with their equally impressive engineering.

The tour covers the rich history and background of Mayfield and throws in a trailer for one of the very first Zombie movies from 1970s, The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, featuring one of the former buildings on the Mayfield site. Daft zombies aside, there are love stories, drama and tales of raw industrial power, plus lots of humour. This is a very complete tour which also looks at the future of the site as U+I and the Mayfield Partnership develop their ideas.

Jonathan, U+I and the Mayfield Partnership would also like to put a call out to former rail or Royal Mail workers who may have been employed on the site. We’d love to hear their memories of what life was like in this mighty building.

Tickets £10, including a factsheet about Mayfield.

Please book on Paypal below. The receipt Paypal emails back to you operates as your ticket. Sensible footwear is required and you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of visiting the site which will be sent on to guests when they have booked tickets.

Tickets and further details for the Mayfield tours can be booked here:

Jonathan Schofield can be reached on 07876235638